5 Benefits of Deep Breathing

What is something we do everyday, every moment of the day, and could not live without out? Breathing!!! We breathe every moment of the day, and we do it unconsciously. But there is a form of breathing that some of us may not do as often, deep breathing. Did you know that something as simple as breathing not only can keep us alive, but also have other benefits?!

We are told since we are very little when we get angry to take a deep breath. What are some funny names you have heard people call deep breathing? I have heard an elephant breath and mountain breathing.

So why should we take more time to deep breath? Below are 5 benefits of deep breathing. Of course there are more than 5, you can look more into it by clicking on the references below.

1.Relaxes your body and mind, it brings clarity. We hear that taking deep breaths help you when you are angry since we were little. Now here is why, oxygenation of our brain reduces excessive anxiety levels. Make sure to take deep breathes and focus on what area you find to be tight.

2. Improves Posture. If you practice good deep breathing techniques you will see an improvement in your posture. If you have bad posture, it will give you bad breathing so it is important to ensure you have the right posture.

3. Endorphins released, elevates mood. Like stated above, deep breaths brings clarity to you.Taking a deep breath releases endorphins, which improves they way you are feeling and it gives you pain relief. It gives you energy, and overall makes you feel great.

Art by dipnoi

4. Releases tension. When you feel tense, angry, scared, or anxious, how does your body feel? Tense, right?! Your body reacts by becoming tighter, and your breathing quickens. When you take deep breaths your body releases that tension, restriction, and your mind becomes clear.

Art by airbearawesome

5. Detoxifies and releases toxins: Our body is engineered to release 70% of our toxins by breathing. If you are not breathing correctly, that means you are not releasing all the toxins from your body, which can result in illness. When you exhale you release carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide passes through your blood stream into your lungs, it is a natural waste of your body’s metabolism.

Tune in next week, where we will share different ways of deep breathing.

So if you ever need anything, We’re here to help. It’s just us.


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