Benefits of Poetry

Hey people with emotions,

Poetry? What is poetry? Poetry is art work in the form of writing that attempts to stir readers emotions and imagination.

Sit back, grab a cup of tea or coffee, your blanket, and get comfy.

Poetry can be a light read, but it can also be a deep read. Some poems may have only one meaning, but there are some that are complex and can be dissected into numerous messages from the author. Apart from poetry helping you learn and advance your cognitive skills, there are more benefits to poetry.

6 benefits of writing poetry:

  • Improves cognitive function: Like said above, poetry improves your cognitive skills through reading, but you can also get these benefits through writing! By writing you learn new vocab, finding new ways to articulate your thoughts, etc.
  • Helps heal emotional pain: As said on Herzing College’s website, “Grief is one of the most painful emotions we experience, and it’s also the source of some of the world’s most inspirational poetry.”
  • Can be easier to express emotions: It’s easier sometimes to state your emotions towards something or someone when you write it and not say it verbally. I know for myself, I sometimes prefer sending a text to someone instead of calling them up. Are you like this? Please tell me I am not the only one.
  • More self-awareness: When was the last time you sat down and thought about your life: goals, aspirations, etc? Poetry allows you to have some time and sit and ponder the ultimate question “meaning of our lives.” It gives us a constructive way to think about our lives and what we are doing, what we want to do, and how we may achieve it.
  • Inspire yourself and others: This is one of the main beauty’s of poetry, whether you are the author or the reader. People connect with poetry when they read something they may be going through or have gone through and it really feeds their soul. It helps people seem not alone in this world. You may not know the poet in person, but you connect with them through experiences that you read from their work.
  • Way to capture and look back on memories: They serve as great time capsules. You write what you feel at the moment, and that can be a happy emotion, sad emotion, anger! What ever emotion you are feeling at the moment is captured in that poem, you can later look back at one of your old works and see where you were at at that moment in time. What were you going through? Where you happy?Sad?Mad?Confused?

4 Benefits of Reading Poetry:

  • Improves verbal skill and memory: Poetry introduces readers to words they may not have heard of or are not to familiar with. As stated by Douglas Matus,”The reader must place their own emphasis on keywords and decode syntax without obvious structure.” Like stated above, poems having multiple meanings, and it is your job to decode them and find out what the writer may be saying in those few words.
  • Helps with critical thinking: Poetry forces a reader to think, to decipher the writing, and understand what the author is saying, feeling, and expressing with those few words.
  • Can develop more empathy and insight: It unites reader and writer across time and culture, as stated by Matus.
  • Can introduce you to more art: Once people feel comfortable reading poetry, they are more likely to delve into other art forms: painting, drawing, music, etc.

Do you read poetry? In the comments share your favorite poems and/or poets. Here is a poem that expresses the importance of poetry. Make your own poem, it can be simple and short, and share it in the comments.

So if you ever need anything, We’re here to help. It’s just us.


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