Is Self Care Too Difficult?

Hey people with emotions,

    We’re here to explore the topic that many people deprive themselves of even when they don’t even notice they’re doing it; self care. By not taking time for yourself it’s easy to lose track of what should actually be important… aka yourself. Self care doesn’t have to translate to time alone with a face-mask on, sipping a cocktail with classical music playing and cucumbers over your eyes. Self Care can be as simple as reassurance, time off from social media, taking a walk and even treating yourself. No matter how cheesy the term “Self care” sounds, it’s important for your physical health, mental health and emotional wellness.

According to ReachOut Schools, it’s important to create a self care plan to help manage your stress and your personal well being. The article goes on about different kinds of self care, including workplace, physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual and relationship self care. Today we’ll be going deeper in the emotional aspect of self care, and more specifically things you can do.

In terms of emotional self care, you need to let yourself experience your full range of emotions. This includes having supportive friendships and blocking out toxicity. You can try making a bullet journal, or a daily journal and take on journaling like many people enjoy.

Examples of bullet journal pages people have done (Pinterest)

Start doing things you enjoy! Here are 10 options to further better your emotional wellness through self care:

  1. Go see a movie
  2. Hang out with friends
  3. Take on a hobby
  4. Go out to dinner/lunch/breakfast
  5. Go to a spa
  6. Watch Netflix (or Hulu or other streaming services)
  7. Spend time off of social media
  8. Get a haircut/trim
  9. Stargaze (or watch the sunset/sunrise)
  10. Read a book

To better your physical wellness through self care, take a look at some of these options:

  1. Develop a regular sleep routine
  2. Have a well balanced diet (make smart food choices)
  3. Use sick days when needed
  4. Exercise
  5. Maintain a well-kept appearance
  6. Take a walk (with friends, your dog or alone)
  7. Do yoga/meditate
  8. Don’t push yourself past your abilities
  9. Spend time in the sun
  10. Take needed vitamins to keep you healthy

In order to do self care, you should manage stress, have a healthy work(or school) to life balance, know your worth and do more to live the way you want to live. Some things to help this include:

  1. Stop stressing the small things
  2. Reach out for help when needed
  3. Avoid emotional eating
  4. Start saying “no”
  5. Laugh multiple times a day
  6. Take a break when needed
  7. Don’t stress any regrets you may have
  8. Live in the moment
  9. Engage with friends and family
  10. Have relaxation hours

Sometimes we all need to take a step back and look at what’s more important; ourselves. It may be challenging to stray away from the focus of others and take care of yourself for once, but it’s important for your health.

So if you ever need anything, We’re here to help. It’s just us.


Nazish, N. (2017, September 19). Practicing Self-Care Is Important: 10 Easy Habits To Get You Started. Retrieved from

Reach Out. (n.d.). Developing a self-care plan. Retrieved from

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